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    Commercial Flooring

    Regardless of whether your flooring requirement is for carpet to cover a small intimate office or shop floor; or acres of hard wearing industrial vinyl, to fit out a workshop; Modern Floors can provide a solution.


Commercial Flooring Projects Can Be Quite Demanding.

Commercial projects often have fixed schedules, with tight timelines.

While the timelines may be tight, the schedule is sometimes spread over several weeks; in addition there is the need to work in with other trades who are also trying to get their work done on a tight schedule.

Modern Floors has been working closely with builders and developers; interior designers and architects; project managers and shopfitters for over 50 years.

We have the knowledge, skill and ability to meet your schedule and timeline; And we know only too well the need to meet the exacting commercial quality standards of both product and installation.

We have close links with manufacturers and suppliers and can advise and source that perfect piece of flooring for your project, showroom, office or shop floor, regardless of whether it’s just a few meters or several thousand.

Commercial Flooring Needs to be of Superior Quality.

The demands on commercial flooring are very different than those in a private home, and the demands on the company supplying and installing commercial flooring are also different.

If you are new to the world of commercial flooring here are 5 differences you may not have considered.

1. Utility and Durability.

Where a home is utilised by a family that generally cares about their furniture and flooring; where people clean their shoes  when entering the home {or even take them off}, this simply doesn’t happen in the commercial world and therefore you need to plan your flooring to take this into account.  Separate entrance areas and pathways .. Sourcing higher quality harder wearing material.

2. Sound Deadening

Excess noise is usually not an issue in private homes; the rooms are small, the number of people few and the furniture and drapes absorb quite a lot of sound.
But an office, reception area or showroom can often be a big open space; sound levels can become an issue, and consideration needs to be given to the noise factor. Think – softer floorings.

3. Comfort

In a home this means soft and luxurious; great to sit on and play with the kids; in an office or retail space it can mean complying with the need to prevent injury to staff from long days walking across a floor that is too hard. Comfort can mean safety.

4. Maintenance

Ease of cleaning and low maintenance in a home can include highly polished surfaces that just need a dry dust and light polish, since they are treated well by the owners.
In an commercial situation it means something very different and there is also a need to consider costs of maintenance.

5. Lifetime Cost – Ease of Repair and Replacement.

In a home we seldom expect that there will be damage, that there will be a need for repair.
Nor do we look to the time in 10 or 20 years when we will need to renew the flooring.
In the reality of the commercial world it is understood that all flooring may need repair and most will need replacement.
These factors need to be taken into account when considering the overall lifetime cost of the flooring. ..

Regardless of the size of your commercial flooring project give us a call…  Phone 08 8277 2733

We will be happy to assist.