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vinyl1Sheet Vinyl

Today’s vinyl flooring sets the record when it comes to design choices. Imagine a perfect reproduction of natural materials such as wood and stone recreated in your home for a fraction of the cost of the real thing

Sheet vinyl is easy to maintain, warm underfoot and comes in a large variety of colours and designs. Whether you are looking for an abstract designs, or a perfect reproduction of timber, tiles, granite, marble, slate at a fraction of the cost of the real thing, vinyl flooring has something to suit almost all tastes.

Most Sheet Vinyl is designed to be installed loose but can also be stuck to a smooth subfloor if required. It is available in 4, 3 and 2 metre wide which makes it a very accommodating product.

vinyl2Vinyl Planks and Tiles

Vinyl planks and tiles give you all the visual qualities of natural wood and stone, but without difficulties. They don’t expand and shrink as much as natural timbers and bamboo products, nor will they swell when water is spilt on them like other natural product.

They are lighter, flexible and easier to install and much warmer underfoot than real stone or marble.

The most popular trend in vinyl flooring today due to its low maintenance, scratch resistance, and insulation properties. Much more affordable than comparable timbers or ceramics.

Perfect for both Commercial and Residential situations.

Stuck Down Vinyl Planks and Tilesvinyl3

Inspired by nature, Vinyl Planks and Tiles offer a huge range of finishes, colours, decorative strips, borders, and even the ability to design your own feature, allowing you to create a look unique to your home. Be it a look of wood, parquetry, marble, stone, pebble, mosaic, slate, metallic, concrete, you’ll find it in Vinyl Planks and Tiles.

Loose Lay Vinyl Planks and Tiles

Also suitable for both Domestic and Commercial installations, new Loose Lay Vinyl planks and tiles are a terrific option to consider, giving the flexibility of being able to lift and replace individual planks or tiles yourself and pop in a spare one with ease.

The innovative backing helps absorb sound, making it the perfect flooring for you want to reduce noise levels. Softer and warmer underfoot than natural wood and stone flooring. A great product for the DIY handyman or can be professionally installed for you by Modern Floors.

Some Quick Answers about Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl FAQs

Vinyl FAQs

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