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cork1Clean and Comfortable

Cork floors are warm, comfortable and quiet under foot. Cork reduces noise, hypoallergenic and easy is to clean. The result is a comfortable durable natural floor you’ll love to live on.

Cork flooring is available in two styles, Natural or Readycork.

Natural or “stick down” style which requires a polyurethane coating to be applied after the cork flooring has been laid.

ReadyCork which comes in a floating floor click system and is available in a wide range of stylish designer colours and patterns in tiles or now available in wood look planks.



Eco Friendly

In recent times natural or stick down cork, has been shadowed by the more economic and easy to install ReadyCork. At approximately half the cost, gone are the days of moving out of home to have your new cork floors installed. As Readycork is produced a controlled dust free environment the protective surface far outways any surface put on by hand at the home.

Eco Friendly – Cork is stripped from the outside of the Cork Oak Tree and the tree then continues to grow and produce more bark. The new layers of cork are stripped off at regular intervals of around 9 years while the tree grows happily for centuries.


Some Quick Answers about Cork Flooring

Cork FAQs

Cork FAQs

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