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Beauty & Versatility

Bamboo is not only noted for its beauty and warmth, it is incredibly indentation resistant, almost completely insect resistant, and can be sanded and re-finished in years to come just like a timber floor.

Eco-Friendly – Bamboo is one of nature’s most rapidly renewable resources, growing into a mature tree ready to harvest in only 5-6 years in comparison to other hardwood of around 50 year.

Bamboo is available in many different colours, lengths, width and can be Strand Woven or Engineered. It can be installed quickly, easily and without messy adhesive due to its cutting edge click system. All of our Bamboo Floors are installed over top quality underlay adding even greater sound absorbency and insulation to the finished floors.


bamboo2The Finest Quality

As with any flooring it is possible to buy cheap inferior quality bamboo flooring. Unfortunately not all bamboo flooring is the same and one of the reasons for this is that Bamboo manufacturing practises vary greatly between Bamboo Manufacturing Companies. The choice of raw materials, grading methods, curing/heating processes and the quality of the milling machinery and methods used, as well as the quality and application of finish materials can all have an effect on the quality and overall satisfaction with the finished product.

Being an independent flooring company we are able to source from a wide range of Manufacturers and make our knowledge of the flooring industry freely available without restrictions imposed by any franchise agreements.

Here at Modern Floors we have an extensive experience in the installation of many types of bamboo flooring and can help guide you without bias in your bamboo selection.


Some Quick Answers about Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo FAQs

Bamboo FAQs

Our Bamboo Flooring Suppliers: (Click to view sites and product ranges)


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